Tip No. 030 – Tracking Your Marketing Dollars with RetailEdge

You are probably advertising and marketing your business many different ways. But how do you track the effectiveness of these efforts?

Here is a three simple ways you can do it in RetailEdge.

Promotion Codes.  Create a promotion codes from the Tools Menu for your each of your advertising sources. Then when your customer tells you that they heard about you on the radio, you can just select the proper promotion code (e.g., Radio) on the Sales Payment Screen. Run a sales promotion report to see how they are doing (Reports|Sales|Promotion).

Coupons.  Setup Complete Sale discount rules for each advertising source you use (newspaper, facebook, e-mail, blogs, etc.) and require that a coupon be used for each rule. When the customer presents the coupon, simply scan or enter the coupon code into the sale. You will then be able to quickly report on the number of sales are generated by each of the advertising sources.

Gift Cards.  Give away gift cards with small incentive amounts (say $5.00) at certain events or through certain promotions. Then track the number of times these gift cards are used through the Sales Payment Methods reports.

Have Some More?

If you have some more methods you think other RetailEdge users would find useful, just shoot us an e-mail and let us know. Then we can pass it along.