What’s the Best Way to Promote Your Products?

Written by: Dan Jablons, Retail Smart Guys


Usually, retailers make social media content that only revolves around the features of a product and then post it on various online platforms.

However, these kinds of content are becoming less appealing to the virtual audience today. Keeping this practice will only lead to numerous missed opportunities and loss of the money you expect to gain.

So, to avoid such situations, here’s a quick and easy guide to maximizing your social media platforms to raise more awareness and engagement for your retail items.

Firstly, you have to step up your social media content. You can emphasize offers such as discounts, low-priced bundles, extra points for a loyalty program, or give out vouchers, which should only be available for a limited period or until supplies last. Again, do this for a limited time, because the best driver of sales at retail is talking about NEW products, not older products that are on sale.

By doing this, you create demand for the products, and desire to own them right now!

Aside from highlighting product features and benefits, you can create social media contests, which according to research, can gather an average of 34% new customers in every campaign. This increases your social media traffic, boosting your products.

Also, if you send emails to consumers, you can utilize this platform to amplify your promotions. As a matter of fact, 76% of email subscribers were able to know and make a purchase because of these marketing emails. Email marketing is still the #1 driver of sales in any retail store. Again, remember to talk about what is new, not just what is on sale.

Additionally, running ads on social media like Facebook and many others is very helpful. This platform can segment the profile of its users to target your preferred audience. In this way, you can attract the right people to buy your products.

Furthermore, you can advance your product advertising on social media platforms by sharing reviews. Testimonials from your customers help increase the chance of more shoppers buying your products. Studies show that 84% of people highly rely on recommendations and online reviews. Reviews on Facebook and Google are very important drivers of Search Engine Optimization, so make sure you get your customers talking about the great things your store does.

Finally, you can write a blog to expand more on what you sell—every detail, benefit and feature it brings to the table. You can share the link of this blog post to your social media channels to have a wider reach.

Clearly, there are tons of ways to better promote on social media. No need to choose one or two in this guide cause you can have all of these and more for your business.

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