Why Does RetailEdge Only Work on Windows machines?

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There are lots of reasons we only work on Windows including:

  1. Legacy. We have been creating and refining RetailEdge on Windows since 1998. And before that on PCs since 1989.
  2. More Economical. We feel that Windows provides more bang for the buck. Compare the price of a Mac compared to a Windows machine.
  3. Flexibility. Windows machines are much more configurable than Macs. And there are literally hundreds of mobile devices you can use RetailEdge on, from tablets to inexpensive laptops. You can bring your own existing equipment and configure it with a sleek looking touch monitor with rear customer display .
  4. POS Workstation Support. The Point of Sale All-In-One market is still Windows and Android.
  5. Market share. Windows is still 74% of the desktop market

Android and iOS Dashboards #

Although we are a Windows based system, we do want to make sure you have access to your sales information from their Android or iPhone. So, we created dashboards for Android and iOS phones that dominate the mobile arena, to allow you to get good snapshots of your daily sales when traveling with a phone. We have limited mobile access to just dashboard information because we feel that if you need more you should run a full copy of RetailEdge. The form factor of the phone is just too small. If you really want to run a copy of RetailEdge on your phone (or iPad), you can set up an Island on Shells.