Why should I buy an all-in-one POS Workstation for my Retail Business?

Here at RetailEdge, we want to give our retail customers the best tools to make their business succeed. That’s why we have equipped our online Shopify store with a wide range of products to fit all of your different types of businesses.

Today we’re giving you some reasons why certain All-in-One POS workstations would be the best fit for your business.

1. One Vendor – Purchasing equipment from one vendor can prevent finger-pointing if there is a problem. A multi-vendor situation can have each vendor blaming another, making resolving a problem seemingly impossible for you. In contrast, each of our all-in-one vendors are reliable, stand behind their equipment, offer great warrantees and provide great support. So if there is ever a problem, they will be there to get you back up and running quickly and efficiently.

2. Compact – This is a major key for any retailer that has limited counter space. Some all-in-ones have hidden a receipt printer into the base! This de-clutters the counter and hides unsightly wires and cables. Look at the POS-X ION TP5 all-in-one or the RetailEdge 15″ Infinity All-in-one if that is something you are looking for.

3. Retail-hardened – This is just a fancy word for being able to stand the harsh environments retail stores commonly have! Sand, salt, dust, snow, liquid, etc. All-in-one’s are designed to be waterproof and dust proof, with resistive touchscreens that are able to work with wet hands, sticky frozen yogurt hands, fingernails, and even gloves. (Or your part-time and seasonal employees who don’t treat your POS hardware nicely.) Check out some good resistive touchscreen all-in-ones here and here.

4. Style! We understand our customers want to have a certain look for their retail store. All-in-one’s look sleek and modern, as opposed to having clunky black boxes with wires hanging out everywhere. Some like VariPOS and SANGO let you choose from an array of bright and bold colors, giving your store that extra pop at the checkout counter.

And there you have it! Please visit our store for more all-in-ones and if you have any questions about which all-in-one could be best for YOUR retail business feel free to email us at sales@retailedge.com.

Thanks for reading!