Getting Started with Your Retail Point of Sale System

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Getting Started with Your Retail Point of Sale System

Getting started with RetailEdge POS is easy. There are just a few steps to getting going. Following these steps will make sure that your POS is going to work for you, fit your needs and budget and make your business a success.


Download the Demo

Download the demo. The core of any POS system is the software. Lots of POS systems just don’t have the feature you need to run your business. The demo will let you see the powerful and flexible retail features built into RetailEdge that can help your business now and give you the tools and reporting you need to keep it running.


Ask Questions

Get your list of questions together and let us help you. We have been in the business since 1989 and we know retail. If you can’t figure out the software, don’t worry, call us. We will schedule a time to go through your questions and make sure RetailEdge is right for you. If it does not work for you, it does not work for us. If we can’t provide the solution for you, we can many times steer you in the right direction.


Pick the hardware you need

RetailEdge is designed to work with many different types of POS hardware. Whether you use your own computer and hardware, want just a receipt printer and scanner, or a complete all-in-one system that fits nicely with your store’s design, we will work with you to find a system with the best features for your budget and design.

Choose a Card Processor

Select the credit card processor that is right for your business and will save you money. You can make all the correct choices on hardware and software but if you are doing any kind of sales volume, making the wrong choice in credit card processing can unwind this pretty quickly.

Schedule Your Training

RetailEdge comes with an hour of free training. Call or email us and schedule a time where we can go over things like inventory structure and setup, importing vendor lists, purchase order management, and sales processes that will keep your business running successfully.

Choose An On-Going Plan

Choose an on-going plan that is right for you. RetailEdge comes with 90 days of free technical support, but we have optional, affordable plans to give you all the updates or emergency support your business may need.