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Global Company

RetailEdge not only has customers in all 50 states, but is also used by customers in many different countries. We have designed RetailEdge to have functions that provide a global point of sale solution for international retailers who have varying taxations, currencies and policies.

RetailEdge provides a powerful point of sale system that operates in businesses worldwide

Puerto Rico. Canada. Central America. Mexico. Europe. Singapore. Indonesia. Japan. Philippines

Value Added Tax (VAT)

VAT is the predominant form of tax used around the world. It is key for companies who need to comply with VAT tax to be able to display their tax added on their goods through their point of sale systems. Having this function within RetailEdge allows for easy calculation and clear identification of tax added to goods.

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International Currency

RetailEdge gives you the option to change your currency symbols from windows settings. Currency changes can be made along with other Regional settings to show the correct currency information dependent on where your business is operating.

Tracking Sales and Shipping

Within RetailEdge you have the ability to filter your customer sales reports by country. This can allow you to track international orders and what percent of your sales are international so you can better define where your sales are occurring and the costs of those sales among varying regions.

POS Advantages

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