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RetailEdge’s iPhone, iPad and Android dashboard allow you to retrieve information about your store’s sales and perform physical inventories from your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

RetailEdge Dashboard for iOS and Android

With the swipe of a finger and the touch of a button you can put your finger on your store’s pulse with the RetailEdge Dashboard. The RetailEdge Dashboard is an easy-to-use free app that allows you to quickly see your store’s daily sales totals, tax collected, gross margin and number of sales generated by RetailEdges POS.

The Dashboard works in single and multi-location businesses and can either consolidate all your location’s sales or provide information about each location’s sales separately.

Must be on a Silver Software Maintenance Plan or Gold Support Plan for data to transfer from RetailEdge to the dashboard
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RetailEdge PICS (Physical Inventory Collection System) for iOS

Free app that allows you to easily enter physical inventory quantity information into your iPhone or iPad. You can also create files that can be imported into RetailEdge for inventory quantity comparisons and adjustments.

PICs App currently only works on versions previous to iOS 11.
  • Easily scans inventory item barcode labels or UPCs using the iPhone or iPad built-in camera
  • Allows for manual entry and editing of inventory items and quantities
  • Emails inventory files to your RetailEdge point of sale workstation for import into the PICS file
  • Uses the light on supported devices to allow scanning in low light conditions
  • Vibrates to notify users of a good scan

Want more mobility?

Take a look at RetailEdge Island Mobile. RetailEdge Island gives you all the functionality of RetailEdge and is a great affordable way to easily create pop-up stores, kiosks and mobile stores that are connected real-time to your store’s data, but work off-line even when you can’t connect to the internet.

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