Local Data Storage


Local POS Data – Fast, Reliable and There When You Need It

What happens when your connection to the cloud is slow or worse yet, totally down?

With a mission critical application like point of sale (POS), you can’t afford to be down or wait while your transactions process across a slow internet connection. With RetailEdge you are always accessing your data on your computers.

What makes local data better than cloud data?


Work even when disconnected

When your system disconnects from the Internet or slows down your data is still there because data is stored on your computers and not a remote server


Local data is Yours – No Big Data

No one else has your data but you. No one is data-mining your business’ information to market to your customers or competitors.


Synchronized Data

All data is local to the workstation and gets shared with other
locations every two minutes by our RECON synchronization engine

Learn more about how RECON works