Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program

Loyalty program

Creating loyalty iRetailEdge has a loyalty program built into the program that allows you to provide your customers with good incentives to keep coming back.

Issue Loyalty Dollars to Customers

Issue loyalty dollar credits to customers based on their purchase histories

  • Loyalty dollars can be issued as a dollar issued per dollar spent per selected period of time
  • Credits towards loyalty dollars are cumulative
  • Customers build up loyalty dollar credits as they spend more
  • Loyalty dollars are easily used by the customer and are available as another payment method when processing a sale
  • Filtering Loyalty Dollars

    Loyalty batches can be filtered to limit the qualified sales to particular payment methods, maximum discount percentages, certain vendors, departments, classes, customers, promotion codes, etc.

    Mail Merge Export

    RetailEdge can export the loyalty customer batch information and loyalty dollars issued for the batch to a comma separated text file. This text file can then be mail merged into a word processing program to allow you to notify your customers that they have loyalty dollars available.


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