Management One Retail Planning

Retail Planning

Getting you from Shopkeeper to Retailer

Retail Planning

RetailEdge has teamed up with Management One to provide a comprehensive planning solution for your business. Whether you are new to retail or a twenty year veteran, Management One’s planning and analysis tools help you grow your business and bring it to new heights.

Make a Plan

Management One works with you to develop a plan for your business’ growth, helps determine your best inventory levels and structure, and identifies solutions to buying and sales problems.

Collaborate with Retail Experts

Management One’s team of affiliates provide 2000 years of combined retail experience and work with you to develop the best strategies to achieve your goals. Check out this webinar to see what the experts can do for you.

Get Retail Business Intelligence

With 28 years of customer data, Management One can compare your business to other similar businesses, provide business intelligence and make predictions about your business others can’t!

What Can They Do For You?


Manage Inventory Levels

Make sure you have the right amount of inventory in the right categories at the right time

Improve Cash Flow

Turn inventory into cash so you can pay expenses, purchase the right new inventory and get your business thrive not just survive.

Catch Problems Earlier

Dashboards and graphical visualization tools allow you to quickly know what’s happening as it happens and whether you are meeting your plan’s goals.

Why Management One?

Use What the Big Guys Use

Management One is the planning engine that other more expensive POS Systems like Retail Pro ™ use for their planning programs.

Provides Great Value

Most retailers see a 3x-5x return on their investment with Management One. You get great business intelligence and make money. Doesn’t that make sense?

Enjoy Retail Again

When your business is running smoothly and you aren’t working 24/7 to keep up, then you can remember why you started doing retail in the first place.

If you are interested in what Management One can do for your business, just email us and we can get someone in touch with you right away. Management One will quickly analyze your business and see if they can help.