Mobile Credit Card Processing with RetailEdge

RetailEdge Mobile Credit Card Processing Options

RetailEdge allows you to go mobile with your POS and process credit cards when you are mobile. But the device you are going to want to use really depends on what going mobile means to you.

In-Store Mobility

There are times when you might need to add some mobility to your POS within your store.

  • Tablet POS. You want your POS untethered from the credit card terminal
  • Line Busting. You need to make a few quick sales when the lines are getting long.
  • Providing Concierge Customer Service. You want to walk the floor with your customer and provide that extra level of service.
  • Seasonal Workstations. Sometimes you need your POS system for only a few weeks during those busy holiday times.

Off-Site Mobility

There are times when you need to be able to process credit cards outside of your brick and mortar store when you are truly on the road.

  • Trade Shows
  • Trunk Shows
  • Farmers Markets
  • Pop-Up Stores

Any place you might need to take credit cards and process sales when you are on the road.

RetailEdge integrates with a number of different credit card processing devices and each one has its own advantage for mobile processing.


Device Solutions

IDTech’s EMV Augusta

The EMV Augusta is a cabled device that can plug into a tablet’s or laptop’s USB port and provides an inexpensive on-site or off-site solution as long as you can connect to WiFi where you are going. In complex or unfamiliar off-site environment simpler devices with direct connections can sometimes be the better solution.

Genius Desktop

The Genius desktop is a counter mounted device and, by definition, technically not mobile. However since it is connected to your network, you can connect to it to process sales from any workstation, tablet, or laptop, simply by hitting its IP address. This makes it a great in-store mobile solution that can be used by multiple devices. So if you want to pick up a tablet or laptop and slide in a few line-busting transactions, this is a great option.

Ingenico Link 2500 Wireless Terminal

The Link 2500 gives you WiFi connected terminal and a mobile form factor. Like the Genius Desktop, it is a network device, and so you can process sales from your tablet or laptop wirelessly. But unlike a fixed device, the Link 2500, can be removed from its charging cradle and taken with you around the store to process transactions from anywhere in-store and so it allows you to take your POS to your customer.

Genius Mini with tablet and phone
Genius Mini on the back of Surface Tablet and iPhone 6

The Genius Mini allows you to process EMV, contactless,swiped or hand-keyed credit card on your Windows tablet or laptop (this works great with RetailEdge Island Mobile POS). If you have access to WiFi or Cellular on your Windows Table then you can process credit cards directly on your Windows tablet using the Genius Mini. If you don’t you can attach the Genius Mini to your Apple iPhone or Android phone and process sales with RetailEdge on a Windows tablet by tethering the tablet to your phone.