Multi-Location POS


Multi-Location POS

As your business grows, RetailEdge is designed to grow with you

RetailEdge’s multi-location ability allows you to grow your single store business to a couple of locations to thirty plus locations. data synchronization between multiple stores giving you the ability to grow your single location business to multiple locations.

You would need RECON for a multi-location environment if you need:

  • The ability to track inventory quantities
  • The ability to sell out of multiple locations
  • To change information from any location for any location
  • To track customer purchase histories, store credits, etc.
  • The ability to track different tax jurisdictions

Multi-Store Advantages


Consolidates Data

Data automatically flows to and from all locations. You can manage and view your consolidated customer, inventory, gift cards, loyalty and sales information FOR any location FROM any location.


Local data storage

Since data is stored on your computers and not a remote server, you can continue to run your business when your internet connection is down or slow. RECON will start working again when your connection comes back.To learn more click here


Provides automatic backups

Since RECON is a synchronization engine, you have a copy of all your RetailEdge data on each of your store’s computers. So as long as you’re synched up, you’re backed up.


Real-Time and Automatic data updates

You can control how quickly or how slowly you want your data moved from store to store. Every two minutes or once a day, it’s easy and automatic.


Needs no extra equipment

RetailEdge’s multi-location consolidation does not require dedicated servers to operate, so it keeps your system costs down. Most businesses with 2 to 3 locations just use their existing RetailEdge POS computers for RECON.


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