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Printing to a USB Device in Version 7.0
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    Printing to a USB Device in Version 7.0

    by RetailEdge Moderator » Thu Jun 12, 2008 12:10 pm

    If someone is using RetailEdge Version 7.0 or earlier and needs to print receipts to a USB Receipt Printer, the following Net Use instructions will assign a Virtual Port to the Printer which you then can print to. This is also a way to get a Serial Receipt printer to work with RetailEdge DOS when running under Windows XP.

    These instructions assume someone is trying to setup a Star TSP-100 for use with 7.0. NOTE: For Net Use to work, the computer must think that it is on a network, at least having a network cable going to a Hub.

    Install the Printer Driver for the Printer and share the printer as Star.
    You will need to determine the Windows Full Computer Name for the computer to which the Star is attached. (Right click on My Computer and go Properties and hit the Computer Name or Identification tab across the top. Let's assume that the Full Computer Name is Register)
    Hit Run.
    Type in cmd and hit OK which should bring you into a Command Prompt screen.
    Type in Net Use and hit Enter.
    Type in Net Use LPT3 \\Register\Star /Persistent:Yes and hit Enter. You should get a message that "The command completed successfully."
    Then in RetailEdge, in Tools - Options - Receipt Printer, point to LPT3 for the port.
    That should do it.

    ** NOTE: Pay close attention to spaces in the net use statement. If you get an error 67 you have missed one or more ***

    If it has been working and then stops, to Redo it, you first have to delete the disconnected connection by inserting the following step after the Net Use and Enter step.

    Type in Net use LPT3 /delete and hit Enter.
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