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What are RetailEdge POS Software's System Requirements
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    What are RetailEdge POS Software's System Requirements

    by RetailEdge Moderator » Fri Mar 18, 2011 12:12 pm

    Updated information about RetailEdge's system requirement and considerations can be found here.

    Operating Systems

    RetailEdge will work on any new computer that runs Windows 10 or Windows 7. That being said you should be running on Windows 10 as Windows 7 End of Life is coming soon.

    Memory (RAM)

    We have systems running on computers that are running the minimum required by the Operating System. We recommend at least 4GB depending on the operating system you are running. More RAM is better and can help the program run processor intensive operations faster. This is one of the reasons we have a freely downloadable copy of the program as a demo. Try it on the computer you have, then import your customer and inventory data and see how well it performs.

    Hard Drive Space

    The Hard Drive space required is minimal and most RetailEdge databases never get larger than about 1GB. We have user who has 10 years of data with average number of transactions, and 5 locations and their database is only about 10 GB. Any new computer you purchase should have much more than this.


    RetailEdge has been optimized to not require a very powerful processor to run. RetailEdge will run fine on older processors. However when you purchase a computer you should consider any future plans or expansions. Another thing to consider are number of users accessing the data or number of stores synchronizing data. If you are running only a single workstation or two workstation system, this is going to require less. However, if you are going to be adding multiple locations or having 7-10 workstations, then this obviously will require a more processing power. RetailEdge is built using client/server architecture. So you can spend less money and purchase a slower processor for the workstations, but the main workstation or server should have more if you are planning on adding workstations in the future.


    You will need ports for each device you are going to have attached to the computer. Most peripheral devices are USB today and so you just need to know which devices you are going to be using to determine the number of ports you will need. If you have legacy devices you might need to make sure that you have Serial, Parallel or PS2 ports as well. Some of the devices you might want to attach to your computer are:

    a. RetailEdge USB Dongle License Key (So you need at least one)
    b. Barcode Scanner
    c. Receipt printer (Tape Style)
    d. Windows printer for printing reports
    e. Pole Display
    f. Magnetic Strip reader for credit cards.
    g. Any other peripherals you might be using for other applications.

    Bottom Line

    The bottom line is that although RetailEdge can run on a variety of different machines and configurations. Any new computer you purchase should work fine. Most of the time it is not RetailEdge that dictates the computer you need but the other programs. If you are using the computer just for RetailEdge as a Point of Sale Terminal, you don't need much. But many customers are using the computer for other business applications (QuickBooks, Graphics Program, Internet Music (not really recommended), etc.). These applications typically will require a larger processor and system requirements than RetailEdge. So you should consider what other applications you will be running and check with these application's manufacturers to determine what their requirements will be.
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