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How do I add Items and Customers to the Sales Screen
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    How do I add Items and Customers to the Sales Screen

    by RetailEdge Moderator » Fri Dec 16, 2011 2:15 pm

    The sales screen search on the sales screen is a compound search. The sales screen item search works as follows:

    When entering an item in the Find Item box on the Sales Screen, RetailEdge will automatically search the inventory fields in the following order to find the item:

    1. Item ID (RetailEdge price label barcode).
    2. Stock Number.
    3. Current Find By Criteria as listed in the Find By box.
    4. List ID
    5. UPC1
    6. UPC2
    7. Alias ID
    8. Package ID

    If an exact match is found in any of the above listed fields, then RetailEdge will stop the search and add the item to the Sales Screen. Usually this will happen if you are scanning in one of the field values like a UPC or typing in the ItemID off of a RetailEdge barcode label. If an exact match is NOT found, RetailEdge will go to the Find By criteria listed in Find By box and perform a partial match search. Partial searches look for text matches from the beginning of the inventory field. If the Interior Pattern Match checkbox on the Find Item(s) screen is checked then RetailEdge will search for the Look For text in any part of the inventory field.

    If you are using the Touch Sales Screen, then the last look up will set the lookup criteria. So if you type in a partial match for something, then the lookup screen will be displayed and allow you to select the lookup criteria. If you set it for description here, then the next look up will be by that criteria (e.g., description).

    On the regular sales screen there is a dropdown box that will allow you to set the look up criteria. If you set this on the sales screen, this will become the default lookup criteria. If you do a partial search, and the Find Items box is displayed then you can change the criteria on the Find Items screen, but changing the criteria won't change the default lookup.

    This means you have the flexibility to lookup or enter items into the Sales Screen by scanning or entering any of the criteria above.

    The customer screen lookup words only on the find by criteria, however there are a few other things about the customer lookup that might help you out.

    1. Customer IDs can now be user defined. So you could use first name, last name here and use CustID in the Find By drop down. The search would then in essence search on first name or last name.

    2. The search will also automatically search on a Customer List ID. This value is printed out on a RetailEdge customer card label. So if you print out a barcode label for this customer you will be able to scan this value into the customer search box and find the customer.

    3. If you use the / as the first character in a search, the search will look up customers by their phone number. This is useful when you don't remember the customer's name (but should). You can simply type in the / and ask the customer their phone number.
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