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How do I setup the Zebra 2824 Plus barcode label printer?
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    How do I setup the Zebra 2824 Plus barcode label printer?

    by RetailEdge Moderator » Mon Jun 06, 2016 8:19 am

    The Zebra 2824 Plus printer can be a little tricky to setup. If it does not work out of the box as shipped, you should perform the following steps:

    1. Hold down the button on the top of the printer.
    2. When the button blinks once release the button.
    3. When the configuration settings print hold down the button again. The button will blink once, pause, blink twice, pause, blink three times, pause and then blink four times.
    3. Release the button after four blinks. The printer should now be reset to factory defaults.

    Also when installing the driver, you should NOT install the driver first. Plug the printer into the computer via the USB cable. You will be prompted to install the driver. The driver that will be installed will be the ZDesigner driver. Once the driver has been installed, you will need to set the Driver to be an EPL (ZPL may be installed by default). To do this:

    1. Open your Windows printer list.
    2. Right click the ZDesigner 2824 Printer and choose Printer Properties.
    3. Press the Advanced Tab.
    4. On the drop downdown list for the Driver, select the EPL driver for this printer. You may need to install this printer driver through the installation wizard if it is not already installed.

    Once you have installed the printer driver correctly you will still need to setup the printer label stocks and RetailEdge. You can find more about this here.
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