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Tip No. 029 - Ways to use the CSV import
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    Tip No. 029 - Ways to use the CSV import

    by RetailEdge Moderator » Tue Sep 09, 2014 10:41 am

    New CSV Import Option

    The newest version of RetailEdge (V8.2.35) can now import customer and inventory data using CSV files. You can find out more about how to import data into RetailEdge in our on-line help file.

    Although you can create and manipulate data in RetailEdge pretty quickly, there are times when it can be very useful to import data. Some of the many things you can do with imports are listed below.

    Import Vendor Files. Many RetailEdge users regularly receive files from their vendors with new items and pricing changes for existing product . RetailEdge can now add and update these prices quickly. Inventory imports also have the option to update current purchase orders pricing information.

    Import Mailing Lists. Many RetailEdge users obtain mailing lists of local customers or customers that might be interested in their products. This can be a quick way to add them to RetailEdge so that you can start tracking their purchase histories and getting them to be a part of your loyalty programs.

    Add New Inventory Information. The CSV file import will also allow you to update specific fields in your inventory. So you can just update inventory descriptions or add UPC codes to existing products (useful for many web carts).

    Making Large Data Changes. The CSV import can also be a good way to quickly make large changes to existing RetailEdge data. For instance, you can export your inventory, make changes to all the items' departments and vendors or stock numbers (e.g., using Excel's search and replace functions) and then re-import these changes.
    Importing New Data. When initially getting started with RetailEdge, you can import customer and inventory data from other programs (old POS software, spreadsheets, Accounting software, etc), to get your business up and running more quickly.

    Import Faster and Smarter. The CSV file importer has features that will save you time. Features like smart adds that will check against existing customer ID and names to make sure duplicates aren't created, adding new Vendors, Departments, and Classes so you don't have to, and multiple field mapping to allow you to take one CSV field and populate multiple RetailEdge fields (e.g., Price to Price1-Price5 fields).
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