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RetailEdge Point of Sale Software 8.2.36 Update
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    RetailEdge Point of Sale Software 8.2.36 Update

    by RetailEdge Moderator » Tue Nov 18, 2014 2:56 pm

    RetailEdge 8.2.36 Release Notes

    Published November 18, 2014

    This release is a mixture of features and fixes. The features have been limited to features that will speed up the sales process during the heavier retail season.

    Enhanced Features

    1. New Inventory Item Sales Screen - Advanced Quantity/Price Options. RetailEdge now has a number of new item sales screen quantity and pricing options.

    None - Use regular pricing for the item (default). RetailEdge will sell quantity one of the item when scanned or entered on to the Sales Screen and will use the item’s average cost and the default price for the item (if no discounts, etc. are being applied).

    Sales Screen Asks for Quantity - RetailEdge will ask for quantity when the item is added to the Sales Screen. This can be speed up sales for items that you always sell in quantity.

    Sales Screen Asks for Unit Price - RetailEdge will ask for the item’s unit price when being added to the Sales Screen. This can be useful when you are always modifying the sales price of an item. This allows the item to act like a Department SKU item, but the sale will use the item’s average cost and will also change the item’s quantity when sold.

    Sales Screen Asks for Both Quantity AND Unit Price - RetailEdge will ask for quantity and unit price when the item is added to the Sales Screen. This can be useful for items that you sell in multiples and might be changing the price on.

    Sales Screen Asks for Extended Price and Calculates Quantity - RetailEdge will ask for an extended price when selling the item and will calculate the quantity sold based on the items selling price and the unit price set in the inventory. This can be useful for a number of reasons (i.e., $20 of gas, $12.99 of meat sold at $5.99/lb., etc.).

    2. Added Ctrl-Alt-D to touch based sales screen. This will allow users to more easily backdate or future date quotes, open orders, layaways or sales. This can be helpful when scheduling events that you have taken open order for or simply when you want to take a payment on account when you want it to show up in the previous month.

    3. Added Ctrl-Alt-R to the touch based sales screen to make it faster for users to reprint the last receipt from the touch screen.

    4. Removed the confirmation when an incorrect payment type is applied with out of scope payment solutions. So now you can simply always press the Visa button and RetailEdge will automatically switch to AMEX if an American Express card is taken. RetailEdge will no longer as for confirmation and will always change the payment method used.

    5. Added the ability to the inventory price calculator to calculate VAT included pricing for Price2 - Price 5.

    6. Added Item Minimum Sales Price. This allows users to control the minimum sales price of items in addition to controlling discounting by having a maximum clerk percentage discount. Discount rules can override this value but manual clerk override discounts will be limited by this value.


    1. RECON multi-location synchronization modification to handle repeating Phase 1 cycling.

    2. Cash Drawer will now automatically open when the option to gift the balance of a Gift Card back as change.

    3. If Merchant Warehouse Bin Smart (that automatically changes to PIN Debit if it is a less expensive rate) changes to a debit card, RetailEdge will now properly pop the cash drawer based on the user debit cash drawer settings.

    4. Miscellaneous UI changes to allow better display of forms in a Sales Only mode. Sales only mode allows users to run the program with only a sales screen preventing users from accessing or using underlying inventory, customer, purchase order, etc. functions.

    5. Included feature to bypass XP warning for users running POSReady 2009 which is being reported by the OS as XP.

    6. Recalling a $0 sale now properly displays a Post Zero Sale button on the Touch Sales Screen allowing the sale to be posted.

    7. Class and Department names are now available to be used by labels for labels that need to print the department or class name.

    8. Merge Item utility now also merges item information in the batch sales utility.

    9. Updated Open SSL dlls.

    10. Removed PA-DSS references since RetailEdge has now removed itself from PA-DSS scope.

    11. Miscellaneous UI changes to caused by updated development environment.
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