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We are doing a couple of events/pop-up stores this season, can we use RetailEdge in another location?
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    We are doing a couple of events/pop-up stores this season, can we use RetailEdge in another location?

    by RetailEdge Moderator » Tue Nov 25, 2014 4:12 pm

    The quick answer is yes. Here is how you can do it.

    1. Purchase RetailEdge for your additional location and RECON (Multi-location synchronization engine).

    This will allow you to allocate inventory to this new location and track all the sales to this other location. In addition you can transfer items to and from your new location and have totally independent pricing structures and tax jurisdictions. This can work for more permanent locations but might be over-kill for a popup or kiosk location where you don't care about tracking inventory or don't want to have to go through the exercise of transferring inventory.

    2. Purchase a RetailEdge Island.

    RetailEdge Island works independently from the main location and has its own database and so can work independently of the main location but will synchronize every couple of minutes with the main location. So this works great for kiosks and popups where you don't need all the functionality of a full multi-location installation. One thing you have to be conscious of when using Island is that if you are traveling and are going to be selling in a location where you are going to have to collect sales tax for that location, you are going to have to:

    a. Create a new sales tax jurisdiction.
    b. Turn off the Island Synchronization.
    c. Assign the new tax jurisdiction to the location on the Island. If you synchronize now you will switch the tax jurisdiction to the main location and they will start using this new jurisdiction.
    d. When you are done selling on the Island and are ready to go back to the main location, you can switch the Island back to using the original jurisdiction and start the synchronization again. Not that big of a deal but something you need to be conscious of.

    Island does require a VPN to synchronize remotely. That is not a big deal and there are software VPNs you can purchase for only $30/year. Island also requires that you are on a Silver plan and have all your workstations updated.

    3. Create a Shadow Store with your Client License

    If you have an additional workstation license, you are authorized with the licensing to use this workstation as a client workstation attached to the main workstation via the network (LAN). However, many people use these secondary clients as shadow stores to allow them to use a laptop or tablet to manage their data from home or for various temporary uses. To create a shadow store, you would:

    1. Install a client/server version of RetailEdge on the laptop that is normally used as a client. You should use the original CD that shipped with your product unless you are on a Software Maintenance (Silver) or Support (Gold) Plan. You will need a dongle to activate this workstation and so if this is a new workstation you will need to move the dongle to this new workstation.
    2. Point the Client to local data (Tools|Settings|Server Connection, Set the IP to
    3. Make a backup of your RetailEdge Data on the main store workstation.
    Transfer the data on a USB Memory Stick or similar storage media.
    4. Restore your data onto the laptop/tablet.
    5. After you have rung in sales and made changes to data on your laptop, just export (Tools|Export) your Sales, Inventory, Customer, or purchase order data from your laptop as a REDI file and then Import the data into your store's main machine.

    IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING LICENSING: A shadow store can only be used for temporary use in a store location (maximum of 2 weeks) or home use. If you are going to be using a shadow store for more that 2 weeks in a location (like a kiosk) then you have the following options:

    1. Buy a full RetailEdge License for the new location ($450), or
    2. Buy an Island License ($450), or
    3. Convert an existing client license to a full license or Island license. ($225, just the difference in pricing between a full client server or island).
    4. Rent an Island. You can now rent an Island. The rental is per month and costs only $50/month plus installation support. This typically takes between 15 and 30 minutes to get going for you ($30-$60).
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