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Tip No. 037 - Getting Ready for Sales Holidays
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    Tip No. 037 - Getting Ready for Sales Holidays

    by RetailEdge Moderator » Wed Dec 03, 2014 11:57 am

    After the long weekend with Thanksgiving and Black Friday, we put together a list of all the preventable issues that technical support dealt with. It became clear that there were a few simple things that you can do to prepare for these long holidays that will make you more productive and reduce stress.

    Here's your checklist:

    Setup and test your sales discounts in advance. Make sure you understand how your discount rules are going to work BEFORE you have to use them. RetailEdge supports lots of discount types and if you are new to setting these up they can have unexpected results. It is pretty easy to setup the rule in advance since all the discount rules are time based. Set them up the way you think you want them, and then set the start and end dates to Today. Enter the items on the sales screen and see how the discounts are being applied. If they are working the way you want, then set the dates back to the period you want the discounts to be active.

    Make sure inactive equipment you are going to use is working. If you are going to be using a secondary register or a receipt or label printer you have not used for awhile, turn it on and make sure you can reprint a receipt. Or if you are going to need to restock and relabel items, make sure that label printer you have not used since last month is working.

    Make sure your computers are updated. Check for Windows updates and if necessary reboot your computer to install the updates. Check that all your backup routines are working and your your hard disk is not full. If you have to run 100+ Windows updates on a big sales day it is going to be painful.

    Check your synchronization. If you are in a multi-location environment or running an Island make sure that your systems are synchronizing. These systems have been designed to allow you to continue to run even if your are disconnected from the internet. But if you have added items on your island you expect to sell at the store and the synchronization has been turned off or is not working, the store won't have the item. It is really simple to check your Island logs from the Tools menu or RECON log viewer on your main machine to make sure that things are working as you think they should.

    Don't switch systems the day before the holiday. Sometimes you have to (if you found a problem during one of the above steps). But if it is not required, wait till things slow down after the holidays.

    If you do this a few days in advance, you should have smooth (and hopefully profitable) sailing through the holiday period.
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