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RetailEdge Point of Sale Software 8.2.37 Update
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    RetailEdge Point of Sale Software 8.2.37 Update

    by RetailEdge Moderator » Tue Jan 27, 2015 3:03 pm

    RetailEdge 8.2.37 Release Notes

    Published January 27, 2015

    This release is a mixture of features and fixes.

    Enhanced Features

    1. VAT Tax Receipts. VAT Receipts have been modified to meet the requirements of the new Bahamian VAT.

    2. Genius Device Pre-Swipe. Added the ability for customers to be able to Pre-Swipe and to display sale totals on the Genius Device.

    3. Rebranded Merchant Warehouse to Cayan.


    1. Inventory Import - CSV - Inventory Location Records will now get proper location listIDs when Importing items with new vendors, classes or department.

    2. New Security Check when changing quantities of items on sales screen to make sure item's pricing meet the other clerk security action levels.

    3. Pressing Purchase button on the Customer Manager when there is no history no longer displays an error.

    4. Leading spaces in Tax Jurisdiction Names are no longer allowed.

    5. Item Notes marked to display on sales screen no longer activate the prompt to ask for quantity on sales screen (soft).

    6. Removed ability to remove CASH from payment mediums.

    7. Touch Sales Screen will now prevents adding multiple credit card amounts if they exceed the sale total.

    8. Touch Sales Screen will now properly switch credit card types with when the first credit card used is incorrectly swiped and the second payment method is Cash.

    9. Complete Sale Discount Rule now accounts for location settings.

    10. Pressing Page Up and Page Down keys with Virtual Keyboard open on Touch Based sales screen now works correctly.

    11. Removed return for credit option when voiding a gift card.

    12. Prevented changing customer information on an Open Order.

    13. Miscellaneous changes to Genius device dialog to provide better transaction cancelability.

    14. Two-Tiered tax rate when tax rate on amount greater or equal to item price now properly posts the non-taxable sales figure in the tables.

    15. Miscellaneous program update procedural changes.
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