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Tip No. 043 - Training Sessions
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    Tip No. 043 - Training Sessions

    by RetailEdge Moderator » Tue Mar 24, 2015 10:15 am

    One of many services we offer is training. We have made RetailEdge very easy to use so why would you need training?

    1. Employee turnover. Retail employment can be pretty fluid. Managers come and go. A new manager can be brought up to speed pretty quickly with a little training.

    2. New Features. We are always adding new features. So sometimes a quick "how do I" training on a feature you have never seen or used can be useful.

    3. Refreshers. You don't use all the features all the time. If you only use a feature once a year, sometimes it is nice to just have us go over it with you before you dive in.

    4. A Different View. Sometimes it is nice to just bounce some ideas off of us. Do you need to restructure your departments? How can I get customers coming back in? We have over 25 years of pretty varied retail operations experience and can sometimes offer you a different business perspective.

    5. Business Growth. Your business has grown from a simple one lane system to multiple lanes and locations. This requires the use of features you may have never used before (e.g., transfer orders). Knowing how to use these mission critical features correctly can save you hours of headaches later.

    A lot for a little

    Training does not have to be a long involved process. In many cases we can provide all the training you need in a short 15 to 30 minutes ($30-$60).

    If you need more, we can do on-site, have you travel to Vermont or we may have a reseller in your area that can help out.
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