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RetailEdge Point of Sale Software 8.2.38 Update
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    RetailEdge Point of Sale Software 8.2.38 Update

    by RetailEdge Moderator » Thu May 14, 2015 8:52 am

    This release is a mixture of features to enhance matrix usability, credit card functionality/security for future EMV support, and a number of fixes.

    Enhanced Features

    1. Added New Mercury Payment Systems Out of Scope Options to increase security and to prepare for EMV liability shift. This new option also provides the ability to use NFC and Apple Pay.

    2. New Matrix View and Editing Options. Matrixes in addition to the standard two dimensional X x Y views and totals by quantity on matrix parents, RetailEdge now allows report views (list) and non-zero report views. Matrix definitions can more easily be modified to move the dimension elements around and insert new ones. Matrix dimensions can now be renamed. Matrix children now display the associated parent and matrix definitions and the associated matrix definition elements can be modified to more easily correct mistakes.

    3. Inventory Find - New Search Option for Matrix Parent SKU that can be helpful when searching for matrix items that might have become unassociated with the parent.

    4. Cayan (MW) - Added the ability to manually key into Genius device to provide a more secure manual credit card entry method

    5. Tape Style receipts now in indicate taxable status on each line item as required by some countries.

    6. Added the ability to Copy matrix definitions in the Matrix Index View.

    7. Removed the pre-swipe/line item display option for Genius.

    8. Improved Sales Export now includes the Sal_Date, Cust_CustID, Cust_B_LastName, Cust_B_FirstName, Cust_B_Company, Inv_ItemID, Inv_ClassID fields.

    9. Added Reorder reports without costs to more easily allow these reports to be run for clerk restocking.

    10. Increase allowable number of payment methods to 100.


    1. When Windows Display option set to 125% Login Form no longer extends above the screen.

    2. Splash Screen and Toolbar now displays correctly when Windows display option set to 125%.

    3. Sales By Clerk Report no longer hangs when using a CustID filter.

    4. Sales Payment Screen now provides better validation of amounts to prevent posting of sales when clerk inadvertently swipes a credit card in the amount field. Also applied validation to a number of field editors.

    5. Matrix Definitions no longer allow the tilde(~) character to prevent confusion with standard RetailEdge tilde separator.

    6. Traditional Sales Screen now properly enables adding customers after an account payment.

    7. Changed field type in a number of tables from FixedChar to String. Also provided additional error checking within the program to prevent trailing space when entering department information.

    8. Print jobs no longer skip pages when printing to HP printers. (soft release 8.2.37)

    9. Open Order Detail Report no longer includes zero balance orders.

    10. CSV Import previewer now displays correctly when there are spaces in the fields. Import fine, just a display issue.

    11. Item right click on sales item to bring up the item manager now properly opens the item manager sorted by stock number. Also proper security checks are being performed for this operation.

    12. PO Manager Find now properly displays column names.

    13. Debit Transaction no longer show sign lines on all receipts.

    14. Now can properly delete a payment method that does not have a payment order set.

    15. Increased reliability of RECON/Island after certain connection failures (phase 1 repeats).

    16. Loyalty Dollars - Change and Loyalty Dollars payments no longer both included in ~~Unassigned~~ payment filter.

    17. Returns now will allow for negative loyalty carry overs to prevent loyalty dollars from being issued when returns and sales span multiple months.

    18. Miscellaneous Typos.

    19. Recalling a sale into the traditional sales screen now checks “land on customer tab” sales screen setting.

    20. Fixed error with when an item quantity on traditional sales screen is empty.

    21. Clerk filters now properly work when an active clerk has the same name as a deleted clerk.

    22. Creating a Clerk is now properly creates a location in the Clk_LocID field.

    23. REDI Import - Inventory now properly assigns the item number of an active item when there are also deleted items with the same stock number.

    24. VAT calculation shown on sales screen is now consistent with what is shown on receipt.

    25. Making open order payments now properly posts sales tax records when the tax jurisdictions are removed from the sales screen.

    26. Full page receipt now page wraps sales line items properly when items span multiple pages.
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