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EMV Series - Do you need to accept EMV payments?
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    EMV Series - Do you need to accept EMV payments?

    by RetailEdge Moderator » Tue Jun 30, 2015 4:18 pm

    As discussed in previous posts there are many of reasons why you should accept EMV payments. However again, EMV is not the law or mandatory.

    You need to consider:
    • What is the total cost of implementation?
    • What is my current fraud chargeback liability, and does moving to EMV make sense in light of the potential impact to my business?
    • How will EMV impact my line speed?
    • Are there other security solutions available that can meet my needs?
    • Am I losing sales by not taking EMV? Customers may start to expect better security and might be afraid to use credit card at stores that do not have improved security.

    We at RetailEdge take security seriously and think the most secure option is the way to go (encryption, devices, etc.).

    However, if you are doing a few low dollar transactions per day and you historically have not had many chargebacks or fraudulent charges, EMV may not make sense for your business.


    We hope you find this information useful. If you have any questions or suggestions please send an e-mail to
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