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RetailEdge Point of Sale Software 8.2.39 Update
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    RetailEdge Point of Sale Software 8.2.39 Update

    by RetailEdge Moderator » Tue Jul 14, 2015 9:04 am

    RetailEdge 8.2.39 Release Notes

    Published June 2, 2015

    This release is primarily features that improve RetailEdge performance and a number of fixes.

    Enhanced Features

    1. Improved performance of new matrix features. Very large matrixes were slow to load and post.

    2. Re-implemented hand keying on Genius device if the Genius device firmware has been updated to the version that supports this functionality. RetailEdge will still allow handkeying on the workstation, but since this is a less secure method of handkeying credit cards, RetailEdge will require user to select this option. This feature was disabled on a 8.2.38 soft release.

    3. New Warehouse Transfer Report. Report will show the amount of items that should be transferred from the FROM (warehouse) location based on sales at the TO location, with a maximum amount to be transferred based on the higher value of sales or amount in the FROM Location. Report also summarizes quantities in other locations to allow you to see if there are available quantities in other locations.

    4. RetailEdge now allows overpaying of an account (house charges) on a credit card to allow pre-payment of accounts.


    1. Better validation when checking for duplicate Matrix Definition values.

    2. Moved all reorder reports to new section in report manager.

    3. Matrix grid no longer gives an access violations when entering large numbers greater than 10 decimal places.

    4. Active workstation names that match a deleted workstation name no longer causes an issue with register closings.

    5. Sales items consolidation on the Sales Screen now properly consolidates discounted items with the exception of the Quantity Based rules.

    6. RetailEdge automatically sets Slip x and y, receipt printer, scale and web integration settings when creating a new workstation.

    7. Touch Sales Screen now no longer back calculates a unit price for a non-taxable item, when using VAT settings.

    8. Payment screen no longer gets an error when a blank value is entered and user moves to another payment method.

    9. Touch Sales Screen no longer opens in secondary monitor and will use the primary monitor when using RetailEdge in a multiple display environment.

    10. Full page receipts "you saved" section now displays properly.

    11. CSV import of mixed case stock numbers now properly validates and imports.
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