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RetailEdge Point of Sale Software 8.2.41 Update
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    RetailEdge Point of Sale Software 8.2.41 Update

    by RetailEdge Moderator » Tue Jul 14, 2015 9:09 am

    RetailEdge 8.2.41 Release Notes

    Published July 14, 2015

    This release primarily takes care of a few fixes and adds a new report.

    Enhanced Features

    1. Added new Sales Tax - State Shipped Report. This report can be helpful when determining sales tax collected for shipped items.


    1. VAT Calculator for calculating VAT pricing through the Price Calculator now works properly.

    2. Pressing the Tab on the Payment Screen of the Touch Sales Screen will now properly strip currency values and no longer cause an error message.

    3. Ctrl-V to paste CustID values will now properly truncate the value so that the CustID character limit is not exceeded.

    4. The Reorder Report Quantity filter now works properly.

    5. Workstation mode security timeout setting no longer allows a 0 minute value.

    6. Label on bottom of Touch Sales Screen now properly displays Row Count.

    7. New validation added to Matrix function that will properly handle quotation (") marks in dimension names as well as pipe characters (|).

    8. The Closing Report now properly displays and posts taxable and non-taxable sales totals for users with multi-jurisdiction sales tax values and selling taxable and non-taxable items. This issue is limited to the Closing Report in 8.2.40. The sales tax reports are correct. If you feel this issue might have affected your closing reports please contact us for a data fix. You can determine if this affects you by comparing your Closing Report to your Sales Tax report for a particular day.
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