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Troubleshooting Synchronization for RECON Multi-Location Setups
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    Troubleshooting Synchronization for RECON Multi-Location Setups

    by RetailEdge Moderator » Mon Aug 24, 2015 10:03 am

    Many times RetailEdge customers call technical support about their store's data not synchronizing. RetailEdge's synchronization is designed to allow you to continue to run your business when the internet is slow or breaks. Here are a few of the most common reasons synchronization fails (sometimes a part of normal operations) and things you can look at before calling technical support.

    1. Check that your VPN is up and running. If you are using LogMeIn Hamachi then just open the application from the System Tray and make sure all the connections are green. This accounts for 95% of the synchronization errors. Hamachi or other VPNs should simply re-establish themselves after an internet burp but if they don't this will allow you to make sure that your communication tunnel is up and running.

    2. If all connections are green, make sure that RetailEdge is properly pointing to the server machine. Hamachi will setup a fixed IP for the server and clients. However if you have reinstalled your VPN, these IPs can change. You can find the settings for RetailEdge in the RetailEdge.ini file in the c:\program files (x86)\high meadow business solutions\RECON_4\Client folder. You should see a tag from RECON_URL something like Make sure this IP matches the IP of the server machine in Hamachi or other VPN software/hardware. If you need to change the IP, you will need to restart the RECON service shown in Step 3 below.

    3. Make sure that the RECON client service is running. You can do this by going to Start Run|Services.msc. You should see a service for RECON_Client_8_4. Make sure this is up and running. If you are running an Island there is no RECON Client service. RetailEdge will synchronize only when RetailEdge is running, so you can skip this step on your Island.

    4. Check the log either in the RECON log viewer on the server machine for errors or disconnections. And in RetailEdge on the client machine, choose Island Log Viewer from the Tools|RetailEdge Island| RetailEdge Island Log Viewer. If there are errors with the synchronization they will be listed here.

    And if all else fails, call technical support. We are here to help.
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