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EMV Solutions Are Here
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    EMV Solutions Are Here

    by RetailEdge Moderator » Fri Oct 02, 2015 12:13 pm

    The October 1 EMV (Chip Card) liability shift has finally arrived. This email provides some important information for our RetailEdge customers.

    What EMV Options Are Available?

    Currently we are waiting on our processing partners to put the finishing touches on the integrations and are planning a RetailEdge release next week that will enable EMV for our customers using Cayan and Mercury Payment Systems. So be on the lookout and download the update if you want EMV for your business. In the interim you can contact Cayan or Mercury to get the devices you need. Listed below are the advantages of each device/integration.

    The Genius Device
    • Signature Capture
    • Handles mobile payments like Apple Pay and Android Pay.
    • IP (network) based device that can be used by multiple terminals.
    Verifone VX805
    • Small Footprint.
    • No Signature Capture
    • Handles mobile payments like Apple Pay and Android Pay and PayPal.
    • Inexpensive rent-to-own or purchase options
    • Mercury is offering rebates that more than pay for the device.
    • Simple USB connection to your computer.
    • More devices and options will be coming down the road and we will make you aware of them when they are available.
    What Should You do?

    DON’T PANIC! The EMV liability shift is neither a mandate nor a law. Each business can decide whether and when to make the transition to accept chip based cards based on factors unique to your business.

    It’s our opinion that most RetailEdge customers should plan on making the transition to accept chip based cards at some point. Chip based cards offer better protection for consumers and offer better protection for your business.

    The key element is to figure out when your business should make the move. Businesses that have high average tickets might want to plan the transition sooner. Businesses that have low average tickets might choose to wait until they make the change.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are the new terminals integrated? Yes. Although the new integrations work with separate terminals, the solutions as always are fully integrated with RetailEdge. RetailEdge will send the amount of the sale to the devices so there is no double entry where mistakes can happen. The customer then swipes their card and enters their PIN as appropriate, etc. The credit card receipt with all the new EMV data requirements is then printed out on your receipt printer. Additional copies of the receipts are then printed out for a customer to sign if you are not using a signature capture device.
    What is the total cost of implementation? The cost to implement EMV depends on hardware choices are in the range of $225-$700 per workstation (approximately $20-$30 per month).

    Do You Process Debit Cards? If you process debit cards, you should consider migrating to a more secure EMV solution. Our new EMV integration options offer modern customer facing devices with pin pads and signature capture (for credit cards receipts).

    What is my historical fraud chargeback liability and how does this amount compare to the cost of purchasing new EMV ready devices? Certain business types have more fraud then others. Typically, these are businesses with higher price items that can be quickly resold (e.g., electronics, visa gift cards, jewelry, etc.).

    How does EMV impact line speed? Processing EMV transactions is slower than processing traditional credit cards. Part of the slower workflow is the required back and forth dialog between the new EMV devices and backend processors. There will also be a learning curve for clerks and consumers as they learn how to use the new devices (e.g. inserting chip cards and following the onscreen directions).

    Other resources to review:

    EMV Series - What is EMV?
    EMV Series - Why EMV?
    EMV Series - How does the EMV Process Work?
    EMV Series - Do you need to accept EMV payments?
    EMV Series - Can RetailEdge work with EMV?
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    If you don't need EMV now

    If you decide that you do not want to transition to EMV now or if you want to make the change at a later time, we strongly encourage you to make sure that you are using encrypted magnetic readers. Please call your processor to confirm that you are using an encrypted swipers. Encrypted magnetic readers offer very good levels of security and help fight PC based malware such as key loggers and memory scrapers.

    If you want EMV now

    If you want to process EMV chip cards now, you should contact one of the following partners. They have good EMV solutions and are ready to support your processing needs.

    Mercury Payment Systems

    Phone: 800.846.4472

    Direct: 877.342.0473

    Need More Information?

    If you need more information on this complicated issue please feel free to contact us at or 802-549-4617.
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