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RetailEdge Point of Sale Software 8.2.42 Update
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    RetailEdge Point of Sale Software 8.2.42 Update

    by RetailEdge Moderator » Tue Oct 06, 2015 4:52 pm

    RetailEdge 8.2.42 Release Notes

    Published October 6, 2015

    This release primarily provides new features that allows users to use EMV ready devices (chip and pin) with two integrated credit card partners Mercury Payment Systems and Cayan. However this release also includes a number of user requested features.

    Enhanced Features

    1. Mercury Payment Systems Out of Scope integrated credit card processing is now EMV certified.

    2. Cayan Genius integrated credit card processing is now EMV certified.

    3. Out of Scope credit card integrations now display the transaction amount for each card used when reusing a customer’s credit card.

    4. Out of Scope credit card integration now allows assigning a customer retroactively to a sale to allow reuse of credit card.

    5. Modified the way RetailEdge handles Multiple Credit Cards on a transaction since EMV Does Not Support Pre-Authorizations/Captures.

    6. Added new transaction type to EMV Receipts - Card Declined Transaction. EMV requires that receipts are available to be printed if a card is declined.

    7. Improved RECON and Island synchronization performance in environments with large datasets.

    8. ZT/ST Sales Tax identifier on receipts can now be turned off with the Advanced Receipt Options.

    9. Receiving History Export now includes received date field.

    10. Updated label definitions.

    11. Discount Summary Sales report now includes gift card sales.

    12. New Exempt All Existing Items from Discount Rules Operation. This option allows you to remove discount rules for existing sales items so that they can be discounted differently from the active discount rule. This gives clerks flexibility to override discount rules for good customers or to extend special volume discounts, etc.

    13. Entering e-mail addresses into a customer record is now faster. E-mails can be added by typing the address into the New Email field and saving the customer record. Users no longer have to press the Add button first.

    14. Added status bar for CSV imports to better indicate amount of records imported. This can be helpful for large imports.

    15. Added option to have manually weighted items in grams.

    16. Increased performance of Vendor Manager sales histories for vendors with large sales histories.

    17. Now showing MSRP pricing on the bottom of the sales screens.

    18. Added new security tag on Submitted checkbox for POs. This allows users additional ability to lock a purchase order.

    19. Removed the ability to void a sale from the sales manager by pressing V key. Pressing Alt-V is now required.

    20. Added UPC1 and UPC2 columns in the receiving index view.

    21. Added new warning to notify users that that they are not able to register with server to update the software.


    1. Sales Screen and receipt totals now adjust to compensate for potential rounding errors when in VAT Mode.

    2. Sell-Through Report Location Filter now properly filters Sales and Receiving values.

    3. Increased the time before checking if a Cayan Genius transaction has posted if a timeout occurs. This will allow RetailEdge to better determine if a transaction has posted when the processing network is slow (holidays, etc.).

    4. Sales screens now allows re-searching of customer lookup value by pressing the enter key even if the value has not changed.

    5. Changed RECON to prevent saved sales, open orders and layaways from reverting/reappearing in a multi-location environment when they are quickly re-edited multiple times.

    6. RECON Client Service thread access violations fixed.

    7. RECON Auto Repeat Cycle in certain situations now properly clears error messages and restarts the cycle.

    8. RetailEdge properly changes credit card type when integrated credit card partial approvals are returned to RetailEdge with different card type.

    9. Using Labor hot key on a Sales Screen with no items no longer creates a blank line.

    10. Shopify Product requests now properly use matrix children’s (variant’s) last action date when synchronizing.

    11. Mercury Payment Systems Out of Scope Solution now properly handles hand keyed credits (return) on an attached secure device (vx805). (8.2.41 soft release)

    12. Closing Report now splits the taxable and non-taxable sales for 2-tier jurisdictions to match the sales tax reports. When there are multiple tax jurisdictions, the highest taxable amount is used.

    13. PICS Report Differential Filters are now the same as the Other Differential Reports

    14. Commission Report location text no longer truncates.

    15. Discounted Shopify web sales now import into RetailEdge properly.

    16. Full Page Pick Lists from sales charged to a customer account now correctly display Pick List title.

    17. The VAT registrant checkbox is no longer enabled if you are not in VAT Sales Tax Mode.
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