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RetailEdge Point of Sale Software 8.2.43 Update
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    RetailEdge Point of Sale Software 8.2.43 Update

    by RetailEdge Moderator » Tue Dec 08, 2015 2:51 pm

    This release provides a mix of new and user suggested features and includes a number small fixes.

    Enhanced Features

    1. Added new Punch Card discount rules (percent and amount off). These rules allow you to do coffee shops or membership type (buy 10 get the next one free or half off). You can also issue a coupon when the customer has purchased a certain quantity of items and limit the discount value. RetailEdge instantly checks the customer's sales history, including the current sale, to determine the number of items sold since the last time the discount was issued.

    2. New e-mail mechanism. RetailEdge now allows you to send e-mails from the program without having to install and set up an e-mail client on the workstation. The new e-mail mechanism allows you to use web-mail and other e-mail client settings, include an e-mail signature, use SSL (secure) connections, and send formatted full page or tape style receipts. These new new e-mail settings can be found on the E-Mail tab of the Workstation Settings.

    3. E-mail receipt option is now displayed on the the receipt options form when printing a receipt.

    4. Updated NetEPay Version to for Mercury Payment Systems Datacap Integration (5.06.11).

    5. Added the ability to suppress quantity look ups on the sales screen. This can significantly increase sales screen performance for customers with large datasets and computers with low processing power. This can be set on the Misc tab of Workstations Settings.

    6. Added e-mail buttons to the Customer and Vendor Managers to make e-mailing customers faster.

    7. Closing Report Summary Report dialog now stays open after the report is run to allow you to run multiple closing summaries.

    8. Added filter values to the bottom of the Summary Closing to allow you to better see what dates/registers/locations the report was run for.

    9. New Gift Card Importer allows you to import gift card balances from other programs easily or to create a batch of pre-loaded gift card for promotional gift cards.

    10. Added new Payment Type for VISA-MC-DISC. This allows you to create a payment type for the major card types and then have RetailEdge automatically switch to other payment methods as needed with the integrated credit card (Mercury and Cayan) options. This can significantly speed up the sales process.

    11. Full page pick list receipts now include customer's e-mail address.

    12. Changed RetailEdge backup feature to better accommodate customers with large backup files. Older FTP method has a file size limitation.


    1. When the Welcome Form is open and a new sales session is opened, pressing ESC no longer creates an access violation.

    2. The Sales Screen now properly re-displays Tax Totals when a customer is VAT Exempt and has price level discounting.

    3. PICS (Physical Inventory Collection System) import now properly checks UPC2 values in the inventory to determine if an item exists.

    4. When redeeming more than one gift card and then removing one of the gift cards, the redeemed value totals are now properly updated.

    5. Added validation to check for the existence of a Discount SKU and Shipping SKU with the Modern Retail integration settings.

    6. Mercury Datacap Integration (non-EMV) debit card returns now provide a method for closing the form when there is no response from Mercury.

    7. Reuse Last Card Option with Mercury non-EMV Datacap integration now works properly.

    8. Provide better validation for the / character when saving a card on file.

    9. Overpayment of a house charge under certain conditions no longer creates a difference between the statements and the running HC total.

    10. Batch billing using a Store Credit Issued at POS type item, now properly adjusts the customer's store credit.

    11. Printing gift receipts now properly uses number of receipts settings to allow you to print multiple gift receipts for customers at the time of sale.

    12. Cayan Hand Keying on web form, should no longer return a partial approval for $0.00. Note: We do recommend that customers/clerks hand key the card number on the Genius device for better security. This can be set on the Cayan Settings on the Credit Card 1 of 2 tab in the Workstation Settings.

    13. Provide a better message when saving workstation settings which tab still needs information filled out.
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