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What are all these messages that keep popping up and what should I do about it?
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    What are all these messages that keep popping up and what should I do about it?

    by RetailEdge Moderator » Wed Jan 13, 2016 10:36 am

    We try to keep the nag screens to a minimum in RetailEdge. But if we display one it usually means that you should take some action. Just read the screens and do what they tell you. We hate nag screens too and so we only display them when we need to. Here are some common ones, what they mean and what you should do about it.


    What it means: RetailEdge keeps log files of most every action taken and by whom (if you are tracking clerks). This is for your protection (and sometime ours). For instance this can tell us if a clerk keeps deleting items from receiving or exporting data. If you think something like this is happening, we can view this file and let you know who is doing what.

    When it happens:
    RetailEdge will display this message when there are actions in the Log Files older than a year old. Over time, these log files can accumulate a lot of data and can take up considerable disk space. Purging the logs will free up disk space and make backups smaller. Purging the log files will only delete these hidden Log Files.

    What you should do:
    It is recommended that you run the Purge Logs Utility. You can do this by selecting Purge | Log Files from the Tools menu item. Use the default 6 months criteria and then you won't see this screen for another 6 months.


    What it means: In accordance with best security practices, we recommend that your location password be changed on a regular basis. When RetailEdge starts it needs to access your database and has to have a password to do this. This password prevents unauthorized access to your program data through RetailEdge.

    When it happens: This warning will be displayed when the oldest location password has not been changed in more than 365 days (Location Name).

    What you should do: You should change your location password on a regular basis. To do so, choose Settings | Locations from the Tools menu, Modify your location and change the password on the General Info tab.

    The next time the program restarts, you will have to enter this new password into the displayed Server Connection Settings form. You will have to repeat this step on all other appropriate RetailEdge workstations.


    What it means: There is a newer version of RetailEdge available.

    When it happens: This happens when we update the program. we do this approximately 7-8 times a year. This forum section has a list of past updates.

    What you should do: If the message tells you that you are Bronze Level you are not eligible for updates. You should consider upgrading to Silver or Gold level. The Silver Software Maintenance Program is an affordable, easy-to-use, way to keep your RetailEdge software up-to-date with the latest security and maintenance changes. Subscribers to the plan also receive new program features and functionality. Prices start as low as $5.00 per month.

    If you are eligible for updates, you should update. We schedule these updates around critical retail holidays to minimize the impact to your business. The update process is typically easy and fast (only a few minutes). To update:

    1. Once RetailEdge starts, immediately exit out of RetailEdge.

    2. With your mouse, right-click on the RetailEdge shortcut icon.

    3. With your mouse, left-click on the "Run As Administrator" option.

    4. Once RetailEdge starts, the program should ask if you would like to update the program. If you get this question, Select Yes.

    5. If RetailEdge does not ask whether you would like to update the program, do a manual update. This can be done by selecting Program Updates from the Help menu.

    6. After you have successfully updated the program, exit RetailEdge and restart the application (normal mouse click).


    !!! WARNING !!!

    This copy of RetailEdge does not match the expected program version.

    What it means: This means that something has happened with your licensing and you will be able to start RetailEdge 20 more time(s) before it will no longer start. Once the counter hits zero, you will NOT be able to start RetailEdge.

    When it happens: Call us before your countdown hits zero. If this happens during non-business hours, technical support will NOT be available and you will NOT get emergency support.

    What you should do: If you believe this to be an error and you are on a Silver or Gold level plan you should just update the program through the update mechanism listed previously.
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