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Forum Basics: Searching Topics, Logging In, & Asking Questions
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    Forum Basics: Searching Topics, Logging In, & Asking Questions

    by Kayla » Tue May 24, 2016 3:51 pm

    Did you know that 80% of RetailEdge customers only use 20% of the program? Would you like to learn more about RetailEdge or about other RetailEdge users?

    That is what our RetailEdge Forums are all about-- Learning and community. We all use RetailEdge everyday, so why not communicate with other retailers who are just like you (we use it too!)

    With the Forums, you can learn about new tips and features and find answers to many of your RetailEdge questions. You can also learn how other people use the program and how RetailEdge works in different environments.

    This post is dedicated to helping you get logged in and able to search topics and post replies with confidence. Welcome to our RetailEdge Forum Basics.

    Searching Topics: You will see the main page with General Announcements, RetailEdge 8 Topics, etc. You can see if your question has already been posted under "RetailEdge 8 -FAQ's". (Frequently Asked Questions).

    Additionally, you can scroll all the way to the bottom of the page where you will see a search bar. Try searching for the general subject of your question (ex. My Zebra Label Printer isn't working anymore, why? -- Here you would try searching for "Zebra labels" or "Zebra Printer"). If someone else has had a similar question with those key words, you will be brought to that thread (or string of replies).

    If that search comes up dry, you can even open Google in a new tab and type " (and then your question)"

    Logging in: Signing up is simply 3 steps away:
    1.) Click “Register” button in top-right corner.
    2.) Create username
    3.) Send e-mail to with the subject "My forum username is ____.”

    (There are many spammers creating fake accounts, so sending us an email with your username allows us to quickly filter you out of the junk and get you access to the site.)

    Once you're logged in, you can post a reply to a thread and/or start a new topic to ask your own question!
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