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Anthony Cares: Zebra Printer and RetailEdge Server Issues
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    Anthony Cares: Zebra Printer and RetailEdge Server Issues

    by Anthony » Thu Oct 06, 2016 11:10 am

    Next Week is Patch Tuesday (A Tuesday when Microsoft regularly releases security patches for its software products) and Microsoft will release an update.

    We have seen a significant uptick in the amount of calls after Windows updates about label printers no longer working properly. The issue mainly happens on Windows 10 systems where the Zebra driver is updated and loses the stock settings. Here are a couple of guides that can help you getting back up and running:

    Zebra LP 2824: Unfortunately there isn’t much you can do. Windows Updates appear to be wiping the stock settings making you stuck using the EPL version of the driver and Zebra had ended support on the printer. You may want to consider replacing the printer with one that is supported by Zebra like the ZD410. You can also follow steps 5-7 in this guide to get running again:

    Zebra LP 2824 Plus: Over the last couple of months since Zebra notified us that they are going to stop manufacturing the LP 2824 Plus and announced the ZD410 as the replacement, we have been working on creating a good stock file for the ZPL format. The good news is that the ZPL stock file we created for the ZD410 works with the LP 2824 Plus. Fortunately so far, for the customers whom we converted to using the ZPL version of the driver and stocks is that Windows Updates have not wiped out settings. While it is still too early to say that ZPL protects the settings from being wiped out, it appears to be promising. You can follow this guide to configuring your system to use ZPL:

    Zebra ZD410: No action necessary.

    RetailEdge: We have seen some systems not start the RetailEdge Server service after taking a Windows Update. While during the work week this isn’t an issue being you can call us and we can provide assistance, (However for Bronze and Silver level customers this call would be billable) and also if this happens on a weekend or a holiday you would have to wait until the next business day. You can try the steps in this guide to try and get up and running again.
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