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QuickBooks Closing Export Problem for RetailEdge Version 8.2.47
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    QuickBooks Closing Export Problem for RetailEdge Version 8.2.47

    by Anthony » Wed Nov 09, 2016 1:21 pm

    On October 18th, we released RetailEdge Version 8.2.47. Version 8.2.47 introduced a problem into the RetailEdge to QuickBooks export function. As a result, it is possible that RetailEdge sales can be misreported in the QuickBooks General Journal Entry record that is created by the export function.

    We recommend that you review all QuickBooks General Journal Entry records created by the RetailEdge to QuickBooks export function while using RetailEdge Version 8.2.47. You will need to verify whether the exported General Journal Entry sales total is correct.

    This guide will provide instructions for identifying and fixing the problem.

    The following image illustrates an example of the problem. In this case, the RetailEdge closing exported to QuickBooks had total sales of $45.00. The General Journal entry exported to QuickBooks double counts the total sales value. The export operation added an incorrect “RetailEdge-DrawerAdjustment” debit line and a corresponding “4000: Sales” credit line. The extra $45.00 credit line doubles the reported sales for the Journal Entry (i.e. there are two $45.00 credits).


    In most cases, this is easy problem to fix. We just need to remove the “RetailEdge-DrawerAdjustment” debit line and remove the corresponding “4000: Sales” credit line. The following image shows the General Journal Entry record after removing the incorrect lines. We now have a single $45.00 sales credit total.


    The crux of the export problem is that RetailEdge Version 8.2.47 adds an incorrect “RetailEdge-DrawerAdjustment” debit line (plus a balancing credit line) to the General Journal Entry. While reviewing General Journal records, if you do not see a “RetailEdge-DrawerAdjustment” debit line, your data is okay and you do not need to make any changes. If you do see a “RetailEdge-DrawerAdjustment” debit line, then you might have to make a change.

    In the simplest case, you can remove the “RetailEdge-DrawerAdjustment” debit line and the corresponding “4000: Sales” credit line as described above. The simple case exists when the DrawerAdjustment line is equal to the total sales credits within the General Journal Entry. Quick Tip: The Ctrl-Delete keycode combination will remove the entire General Journal Entry line item.

    The more complex case is when the RetailEdge closing process has an adjusted deposit value. In this case, RetailEdge will correctly add a DrawerAdjustment line to the General JournalEntry. This can happen if a clerk manually enters a closing deposit value different than RetailEdge’s calculated deposit value. When this scenario happens, we might see the following General Journal Entry lines (assuming the same $45.00 scenario described in the first illustration but where a clerk has manually entered a deposit value of $46.00):


    Please note how the cash drawer correction reflects the manually entered deposit value ($46.00 actual vs. $45.00 calculated).

    RetailEdge Version 8.2.47 would create a General Journal Entry for the same deposit/export scenario this way:


    To correct cases where an actual deposit amount has been entered, you will need to verify the manually entered deposit value. Sometimes, this can be done by looking at the General Journal Entry but sometimes you might need some additional information. The RetailEdge Closing Messages Report lists calculated vs. actual deposit values.

    Once you have identified a correct DrawerAdjustment value, you will need to edit the existing lines with corrected values (instead of removing the lines as in the simple case).


    QuickBooks: Finding General Journal Entries:

    From the QuickBooks Main Menu, select "Company" and then "Make General Journal Entries...".

    When the form opens, QuickBooks usually opens a blank form. Try selecting the Left Arrow in the form’s Toolbar. This will take you to the most recent Journal Entry.

    RetailEdge: Closing Messages Report:

    From the RetailEdge Main Menu, select “Reports” and then “Report Selector” from the RetailEdge Main Menu.

    In the Report Selector, double click “Sales” and then double click “Sales” again from the sub-tree.

    Double click the “Closing Message” report and choose the appropriate filtering information.

    For reference, RetailEdge Version 8.2.47 was released on 10/18/2016. Only QuickBooks exports executed after this date and while using version 8.2.47 will have the cash drawer adjustment problem.
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