POS Software Data Conversion

POS Data Conversion

When it’s time to switch POS Software

Every day we hear from established retailers about problems with their existing POS systems. The cost to upgrade is too high, the ongoing expense of the cloud POS is too high, the features of their existing POS won’t let them grow and add stores or does not have the features they need, or the technical support is out-sourced or only online.

RetailEdge can help you solve your existing POS problems. But do you really want to re-enter all that data you worked so hard for months or years to generate?

When it’s time to move to a system that will help your business

RetailEdge allows you to do all the data importing if you want using a simple CSV (text, Excel file). However we know it can be complicated and we want you to get it right. When you are switching POS systems this can be a good time to:

  • remove dead products,
  • restructure your departments,
  • bring in your on-order items, or
  • do your physical inventories,


We have helped thousands of businesses with their inventory needs since 1989. So if you need it, our staff can provide you with the expertise to help you get it right this time.

  • Data Files You Can Import
  • Inventory Items
  • Inventory Quantities
  • Vendors
  • Departments
  • Customers
  • Purchase Orders
  • Gift Cards
  • Store Credit Balances
  • Shopify Inventory Items