Exceptional Support


Exceptional Support

Our goal is to make sure you get all the benefits of the RetailEdge software to ensure continued success. All companies say their support is excellent but you never really know until you actually have to use it. However here are a few things that we think makes our technical support better.

Free for 90 days

Right out of the box we give you 90 days of free support. Most systems give you only 30 days. Many of the issues retailers experience can be seen well after 30 days (i.e., end of month reporting, quarterly tax reports, etc.)

U.S. Phone-Based

When you call technical support, you are speaking directly to the software developers. Our technical support team offers expert troubleshooting that is 100% U.S. phone based. The problems you experience with your retail business can be complex. We feel that email and web chat support are not enough.

Retail Experience

Many of the problems retailers face require retail experience to solve. We have been supporting retailers since 1989, so we have years of experience with retail. This knowledge allows us to provide you with better support than you would get from a technician who is only familiar with how the POS software functions.

Higher Level Support

We use RetailEdge to track our own business’ sales, customer management and inventory, and we use our e-commerce integrations and processing partners for credit card transactions every day. So you know that when you call, you are getting someone who is intimately familiar with the program.

During or after your 90 days we have a variety of optional customer service and support options to help you get all the benefits of the software. Check out our affordable technical support and program update offerings here!

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