Project Assistance

POS Project Assistance

We’re here when you need us

Sometimes you just don’t have the time or resources to do it all. Or your project is not large enough to require hiring another body full time that has the retail expertise you need. We can help you with these types of projects.

You are a Retailer Not a Technician

You know your business and by using RetailEdge you can easily know what’s selling, what your inventory levels are, and who your best customers are. But you shouldn’t have to hire an IT department when you just need a little extra help with technology. Whether you need:

  • a little advice on network architecture,
  • help combining different Excel spreadsheets to get your vendor the information they need,
  • some advice on how your inventory structure should be different in your brick and mortar store versus you online, or
  • assistance with your physical inventories.


We are here to help.

  • Providing Helping Hands

    for Small or Large Projects

  • Coordinating with Vendors for data feeds
  • Data Imports
  • Physical Inventory Collection
  • Retail Workflow Analysis
  • Network setups
  • Website Integration Assistance