Quickbooks Data Transfer


QuickBooks Data Transfer

RetailEdge can quickly and more completely than ever move your RetailEdge deposit information to QuickBooks Pro or Premier Accounting with a touch of a button.

General Journal Entries

-Export your closing information to QuickBooks Pro or Premier, Desktop or Online at the end of the night as a general journal entry

Transfer Department Sales into Sales Sub-accounts

-RetailEdge departments can be mapped to Quickbooks Sub-accounts of Sales to give detailed sales categorization in QuickBooks

Transfer Location Specific Account Information

-RetailEdge accounts can map to as many or as few different QuickBooks accounts as you need

Easy Bank Statement Reconciliation

-RetailEdge’s data transfer allows you to group closings and set deposit dates in QuickBooks

-Transfers payment method (VISA, AMEX, etc.) information to QuickBooks

-Deposit delays caused by different processor transfer rates can be more easily reconciled with your bank statement