Quickbooks data transfer


QuickBooks Data Transfer

RetailEdge 8.2 Point of Sale Software can quickly and more completely than ever move your RetailEdge deposit information to QuickBooks Pro or Premier Accounting with a touch of a button.

General Journal Entries

-Export your closing information to QuickBooks Pro or Premier at the end of the night as a general journal entry

Transfer Department Sales into Sales Sub-accounts

-RetailEdge departments can be mapped to Quickbooks Sub-accounts of Sales to give detailed sales categorization in QuickBooks

Transfer Location Specific Account Information

-RetailEdge accounts can map to as many or as few different QuickBooks accounts as you need

Easy Bank Statement Reconciliation

-RetailEdge’s data transfer allows you to group closings and set deposit dates in QuickBooks

-Transfers payment method (VISA, AMEX, etc.) information to QuickBooks

-Deposit delays caused by different processor transfer rates can be more easily reconciled with your bank statement