Retail Is All We Do


Retail Is All We Do

We specialize in retail point of sale systems that are designed to effectively perform all of your retail business needs. At High Meadow Business Solutions we have many years of experience in retail and are expert users of the RetailEdge point of sale system.

  • What We Are Not

Why it Matters

Retailers have different needs than restaurants. Brick and Mortar stores work differently than e-commerce sites. And if you think the system the bank gave you so that you could process credit cards through them is the best solution for your business, think again. Systems like Square and Clover are not designed to solve your retail needs. They are designed to get as much credit card revenue as possible (and by the way, 2.75% is not a good retail rate). Compared to these “POS” systems, RetailEdge typically pays for itself within the first year. Hopefully you plan to be in business longer than that!

We Understand Retail

We have been in the business of developing pos software since 1989. We know retail. We strive to help our customers succeed years down the road by providing information that helps build our customers business intelligence through the use of RetailEdge.

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We Use RetailEdge Everyday

Every single one of our employees use RetailEdge every single day to track our sales, inventory, and customer information. And because we use it ourselves, our sales team knows how RetailEdge will work for your business and our support team can provide better service. Just try asking our competitors what they use to run their business.

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What We Are Not

Finding value in the POS market is getting harder these days. The market is flooded with “POS software”.   Here’s are some some things we are not:

A Credit Card Processor

There are many systems that call themselves POS systems but are just front ends for credit card processing systems. Yes they work at the point-of-sale, but they are limited in functionality and lock you into the processing rates from that processor.  Square register, Clover (owned by First Data), Harbortouch, etc.  Just Google: Who owns “ABC” POS, and you should be able to tell where that company’s money is being made. Or scroll to the bottom of their webpage and look for XYZ Payments or Merchant Services. When you are locked into a particular processor, you can be assured that you are not getting the credit card rates.

An E-Commerce POS Add-on

Many of the e-commerce sites are also getting in the traditional POS market that give businesses that were traditionally online only the ability to have a brick and mortar store. However, these e-commerce POS systems are typically limited in function (some don’t even track inventory costs), limited in reporting and data analysis and reporting unless you get their “premium” package and limited in hardware offerings.

Cloud Based with Recurring Charges

$50- $250+/month. Many systems are billed as free or low monthly rates. Many times these simple solutions that don’t do much and require add-ons to have core functionality.

Call for a Quote POS System

This one is obvious. If they can’t tell you how much it is, then it is either too expensive or too complicated.

Contract POS System

Some systems will offer low monthly rates that seem attractive, but then lock you into long term contracts with high priced buy-out clauses.

Inflexible with POS Hardware

There is more to POS than an iPad on a stick. You should have the flexibility to have your POS be as beautiful as your business.

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