Store Design


Retail Store Design

A critical piece of your retail store operation

While providing Point of Sale software and systems is our business, it is important to us that our customers succeed. So we have created partnerships with a number of store design firms that can provide you with a store that “looks good, sells good and hits the budget and time frame, help you brand you store with signage, fixtures, displays, colors etc.”

Your business is competing with other businesses for your customers’ attention and need creative methods to make your products stand out from the crowd.

Our partners will provide you with excellent customer service with years of retail experience and expertise, to provide you with cost-effective custom design services, fixture and store supply solutions.

Let our retail store design partners can help you with


Retail Displays

Store fixtures are what hold your merchandise together. When you set up your store with customized retail displays, your products stand out, have their features emphasized and entice your customers to look at and buy them.

Retail Branding

Retail signage, floor stands, lighting and wall fixtures are all part of your retail brand. Often times the most effective merchandising solutions consists of just an eye-catching well-place retail sign.

Counter Design

Effective counter design can add to your sales by tempting impulsive shoppers to buy items while waiting to check out and allow you to more effectively merchandise products where space is limited.