Welcome to RetailEdge 8.2

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Welcome to RetailEdge 8.2

Welcome to RetailEdge, the Point of Sale and Retail Management application that tracks and analyzes sales, manages inventory, tracks customers, purchase orders, and process sales.


This Installation and Quick Start Guide contains basic information to help you install, set up, and become familiar with RetailEdge.  This guide is intended to supplement RetailEdge's online help file, which contains detailed information on the RetailEdge functions.  In addition, RetailEdge comes with 90 days of free technical support for new users, to help you get up and running.  You should feel free to use this service.


RetailEdge is designed to provide a powerful cost effective solution for today's retailers.  We think that it is the most cost effective point of sale solution on the market today.


High Meadow Business Solutions is pleased to provide you with RetailEdge.  We hope this program will meet your needs and help you keep your business competitive.






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