COVID-19 Response

How We Can Help You Now

You are not alone. Running a retail business during this time is difficult and may seem impossible.  Here are some things we have been doing to help our RetailEdge customers.  Even though it does not feel like it now, this will end.   Many of our retail customers are using this opportunity to plan and get infrastructure in place so that they can hit the ground running when this pandemic ends.  If you have questions please know we are here and just a phone call away.

Curbside Pickup and Delivery

RetailEdge has a number of different mobile options to allow you to continue running your retail business even when shut down. With phone orders, mobile terminals, email receipt options and delivery, RetailEdge users are still providing their customers with the products they need, without opening their doors.

Gift Cards

Provide the ability to sell gift cards both online and in store to your customers. Keep your cash flow going and give your customers something to look forward to when you open your doors again.

Getting the Word Out

With the current situation causing disruption to the normal supply chain, you need a good way to show your potential customers you have the products they want. Integrating with Brandify or Locally lets your customers see, through Google Search or brand manufacturer’s websites, what is available in your store – even when you don’t have a website.

Keep Employees Safe

We have put together this handy, all-inclusive guide that runs through the best methods for cleaning and disinfecting every device on your checkout counter.

Keeping Your Data Safe

RetailEdge’s data is local and that means it’s up to you to keep it safe. Backups and temporary home machines can be easily created so that your data is with you even if your store is shut down.

Add E-Commerce Integrations

RetailEdge’s e-commerce links automatically upload your RetailEdge inventory, quantities and price changes and pull down sales from a number of web stores. Provide gift cards or products to your customers online so they can support you while you are closed and treat themselves once you are back open.

Getting Ready for the Future

Many of our retail customers are using this opportunity to plan and get infrastructure in place so that they can hit the ground running when this pandemic ends.  If you have questions, just remember we are here and just a phone call away. And we have additional resources you can use on our blog.



Installing the RetailEdge point of sale system is generally as easy as loading the software, plugging in a printer and scanner and you are good to go. However, systems are continually getting larger and require more sophisticated networking requirements and installation services can be useful.


Now can be a time to develop a plan for your business’ recovery and growth, determine the best inventory levels and structure, or identify solutions to buying and sales problems. Take the time to enter in your order confirmations as POs to better plan what is coming based on what you need.


Whether you are a new business or looking to refresh and remodel your existing store, our partners can provide you with cost-effective custom store design services, fixture and store supply solutions to help you implement your retail business vision and promote your brand.

Website Integration

If you need help with a simple web presence or need a full e-commerce site that will provide you with omni-channel capabilities, we have the partnerships that can help you out.

Evaluating Expenses

We know that looking at your credit card statements and potentially changing processors is hard.  But now is a good time to look at these options.  RetailEdge has three integrated credit card partners that should be able to match or beat your current rates.

Data Conversion

If you have been looking at switching from a POS system that you have outgrown or cannot afford anymore, now could be a good time to make some inquires into a new POS system.  We can look at your existing data and help you convert it in order to make the transition to RetailEdge smooth.