Sales features

RetailEdge’s sales features not only allow you to sell things fast, but give you the mission critical sales information you need to keep your business running efficiently. Whether you want to sell by fast barcode scanning or want to be able to use a touchscreen or both, RetailEdge has it. As you sell you will get the information about what is selling, cost of goods sold, sales margins, departments that are selling and not selling to allow you to make the business decisions critical to your business. In addition, since your data is stored locally you can rest assured that you will be able to keep your sales process fast and working even when the internet is not.

  • Fast and flexible Touch and Traditional Sales Screens
  • Time Based Discount Rules (Buy X Get Y for Z%, Mix and Match, etc.)
  • Gift Cards built right into the program (no additional fees)
  • Flexible Alternate Code Lookups including 2 UPC/ EAN fields
  • Consignment Pricing- vendor/consignor cost flexibility
  • Clerk Tracking and Security
  • Integrated Credit Card processing including mobile payments like Apple Pay and Android Pay and EMV
  • Adds customers at the point of sale
  • Tracks store credits
  • Dollar Rounding Donation (See some business types that could benefit from this here, here, and here.)
  • Saves and voids sales
  • Automatically prints detailed customer sales receipts
  • Displays past and current sales
  • Quickly reprints receipts and displays customer item sale histories
  • Tracks item, vendor, and department sales performance
  • Recurring billing with Tokenization (great for club management and service businesses)
  • Wish List/Gift Registry
  • Age Verification
  • VAT for countries that support a Value Added Tax
  • Support fractional cents. Great for businesses price large quantity discounts or sell items at fractional cents like gas
  • Promotion Code Tracking
  • Open Orders/Deposit Tracking
  • Multi Level Sales Jurisdiction Tax Tracking -Sales tax jurisdictions based on base rate and 2-tiered tax rates (GST/PST) and 2-tiered tax rates with department and class exceptions.
  • Line item clerk sales tracking
  • Gift receipts
  • Email receipts
  • Open multiple sales screens
  • Consolidated item listing
  • Serial number tracking
  • Layaways
  • Split payment media
  • Sales Manager. Allows you to view, reprint receipts, change, copy and void sales. View saved sales, open orders (deposits), layaways, gift certificates and daily sales totals
  • Flexible Device Support

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