The Difference between Technical Support and Training


What is the different between technical support and training?

Technical Support

Technical support is there for system users to call and ask questions about using RetailEdge products, system requirements, or troubleshooting. Many customers find this to be sufficient enough to get them up and running and keep them up and running.


Training is an additional service where the system user is being taught how to use the RetailEdge program and functions within the program. A training session will help guide a user in how to use the tools, documents or materials that will improve their knowledge of the RetailEdge software.

Common technical support help includes:

  • My purchase order list is not responding
  • I received this error message on the sales screen
  • The RetailEdge program is not loading
  • My Zebra label printer is not working
  • Island mobile is having a synchronization issue

Common training questions include:

  • How do I run a report?
  • How do I do a transfer order?
  • Can you show me how to export this report to Excel?
  • How do I sort this information in Excel?
  • How do I do a physical inventory?

We currently provide the following training services:

  • On-site training at your location
  • Off-site training at a facility located in our home city of Rutland Vermont
  • Our annual user conference
  • Reseller on-site training
  • Online training on your computer by remote login

For additional information or a training quote, please call customer service. Customer Service is available five days a week from 9:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. EST and you can call or email them.

  • Phone: (800) 755-9692
  • Email: