Feb 1, 2022- New RetailEdge Version 8.2.74 Release Notes

RetailEdge 8.2.74 Release Notes


Published February 1, 2022


This release includes some additional changes and fixes to the Major User Interface (UI) update in 8.2.73. And there were some bugs that needed squashing.


New Features and Improvements


1.  Added an option to show Loyalty Balances on receipt.
2.  Added new Package name and common standard inventory filters to Package Report.
3.  Touch Sales Payment Screen now supports having 24 payment methods.
4. Updated Program Help file with newer format to match web help (https://retailedge.com/help).
5. Added left hand drawer on main form to allow for better switching of screens. Drawer can be turned off and show only icons or text and icons.
6.  Added ability to turn off toolbar and to show smaller, more compact icons with no text.
7.  Transfer Orders will now show the From Bin/Shelf location on items to make for easier order fulfillment.
8.  Enhanced Shopify integration to allow for better management of matrix/variant items and provide better error messaging when items are not configured properly in RetailEdge.
9. Added originating Location and Register ID to Inventory Manager – Qty History Tab
10. Print Label dialog box now allows printing labels for the current location only. This can be useful when doing centralized receiving.
11. RetailEdge now calculates weight of items from price embedded barcodes in VAT taxable areas assuming embedded price is VAT inclusive for taxable items.
12. Now using the latest Shopify API version (2022-01).
13. Improved QuickList View on traditional sales screen to allow screen sizing.
14. Improved Shopify matrix items export.
15. Added improvements to the Inventory import functions.
16. Improved performance when opening a Purchase Order with many line items.
17. Improved Inventory CSV import messaging.
18. Added validation to prevent inadvertent scanning of UPCs into price and cost fields in POs, TOs, Sales, Gift Cards, Payouts, etc.



Bug Fixes


1. Location Information and Department Categories for QuickBooks Accounts no longer truncates text. RetailEdge will now warn user when Location Info or Department QB Category exceeds allowable length (50 characters)
2. Added warning when there is a possible mapping issue between RetailEdge and QuickBooks Online. This will help stop posting of partial information when there is a potential problem.
3. Added security to Deleted Items report.
4. Fixed Reports status so that RE no longer leaves the Report Status window on top of other applications. This will be helpful allowing control when running large reports.
5. Fixed error when exporting negative loyalty dollars adjustments to QuickBooks Online.
6. Posting a sale with a package that has two of the same items on it now properly posts.
7. Adding Matrix Children to a purchase order and changing prices on the parent item, no longer updates inventory pricing.
8. Added new audit log references for Tax Detail and Business Name when changing advanced receipt options.
9. Gift Balances and Gifts Sold Receipt Options now work when Store Credit or House Charge Balance receipt options are off.
10. Customer Ship To Labels button on traditional Sales Screen now properly brings up print labels form.
11. Added security for Inventory Quantity Edits report.
12. Fixed scrolling so Advanced receipt options button is accessible on small screens.
13. Grids now refresh highlighted items more quickly to prevent accidental modification of incorrect records.
14. Customer Sales Summary Export price filter now works correctly.
15. Quantity Edit Report now shows edits in local time to be consistent with the Qty History tab on the Inventory Manager.
16. Improved performance when viewing purchase orders with many line items.
17. Several improvements to allow better grid refreshing.
18. Gift Card balances now properly show on the bottom of Tape Style Serial Receipt.
19. Now properly printing gift card status to a full-page Windows printer.
20. Modify Transfer Order post control field updates to allow better updating of items for Shopify and API integrations.
21. When adding items to a matrix item, using Ctrl-V to paste into a Stock Number field now works.
22. Now requiring a font size when creating a new workstation.
23. Printed Purchase Order now shows cost for Ship To Location on PO.
24. Closing Messages report now Closing History Report located in Reports|Sales|Register Summary folder.
25. Fixed Purge Utilities run dialog text.
26. Packages with Matrix Parent Items (to allow selling of children items) will no longer allow selling of unrelated items as a part of the package.
27. Selecting All on the CSV imports will no longer select required Key Field.