RetailEdge Update 8.2.77

RetailEdge 8.2.77 Release Notes


Published August 23, 2022


This release is a quick fix for bugs that appeared after the 8.2.76 release.




  1. Entering .0. on the traditional sales screen, no longer generates and error.
  2. Having an apostrophe in a Shopify discount will no longer prevent a Shopify Order import.
  3. On the touch sales screen, doing an exact pattern match on a matrix parent item will no longer change the find by criteria to switch to Matrix Parent SKU for all subsequent searches.
  4. Deleting the first single item on the sales screen, not properly updates the customer display items, when no idle media is set.
  5. Resetting items on touch sales screen from Advanced Options, now properly resets customer display.
  6. Payment Screen Change Due box on traditional sales screen now properly spans entire width of totals area above.
  7. Matrix Parent SKU search now displays children items in alphabetical order.
  8. Saving a parent item in Inventory Manager will now properly save the option to generate only children when quantity is <> 0.
  9. Auto-generate purchase orders based on sales history will now properly consolidate orders for each vendor to one PO.
  10. Fixed error when searching for a PO when multiple Purchase Order List forms are open.
  11. Multiple changes to traditional sales screen grid to allow entering price overrides of 0.0 (vs. just 0) and properly adjusting totals.
  12. Loyalty Dollar balance now properly shows on receipt.
  13. Pressing F9 on the traditional sales screen grid before saving changes (enter, leaving field), will now save changes. An additional F9 press will then move to the Payment tab.