Inventory Management Features

Yes if you can get your information from your other POS as a text (CSV file). RetailEdge can import your inventory, departments, vendor, and customer lists and gift cards and balances. We don't import sales data. Sales are managed differently in each program and there are many different transaction types (layaways, deposits, partial payments, account charges, payment types, etc. that make bringing in sales very complicated and usually not worth the effort.

Of course. Actually we require a department be associated with every item in RetailEdge. If you don't know which departments are selling and which ones are not, you won't be able get any meaningful information out of your POS to allow you to make proper buying decisions for the following year. RetailEdge also optionally allows you to track classes (sub-departments) so that you can even drill down and get more information about your inventory and sales.
RetailEdge supports one, two or three dimensional matrix items with up to 99 elements in each dimension. This means you can setup your items styles with attributes, for Size, Color, Material, Length, Waist, Inseam, Width or any other element within a style you can think of.

RetailEdge's Physical Inventory Collection System (PICs) functions allow you quickly perform physical inventories and cycle counts for your store, calculate the inventory differences and correct your inventory in a few quick steps.
You can do this directly in the program or import files from a Portable Data Terminal (PDT) or through our iPhone app.

Since we don't want you having a PDT that just sits around all year, RetailEdge allows you to use the PDT to scan in product being received, create purchase orders and add items to wish lists and sales.