Purchasing RetailEdge

The first workstation in a location is $495. This includes 90 days of free technical support and one hour of training. Additional workstations within the location are only $225. If you want a mobile workstation that you can bring home, walk around the store or use in your mobile store, you would need an Island workstation. Island Workstations are $450. There are no required on-going monthly fees with RetailEdge. A RetailEdge POS system is designed to provide a lower cost of ownership than our competitors and to pay for itself in months. If you need POS hardware, we have lots of options in our store or you can bring your own. And if you want to provide your own computer hardware and we provide the POS peripherals we can do that too. You can provide your own POS hardware or purchase equipment from our online store. Many customers provide their own computers and purchase POS specific hardware like receipt printers and scanners from us.
You can try the program by downloading a copy of our demo program.

The RetailEdge demo is a full copy of the program. The only limits on the demo are in the number of transactions you can enter (100) before it will prevent you from adding any more information to the program.

There are no time based limits. We know you are busy and many times want to try the demo, and then can't get back to it for awhile.

The demo allows you to setup your POS just as you would in your business. Setting up your inventory, importing data from another POS you might have outgrown, setting up your back office computer or making sure your existing barcode label printer, receipt printer or other POS peripheral device will work.

When you are ready to go ahead, we can just activate your license and schedule the hour of free training with you.

RetailEdge can run on a variety of different machines and configurations. Any new computer running Windows 10 or Windows 11 should work fine. More details about computer technical specifications and considerations can be found here.

If you are unsure e-mail us your requirements and we will be happy to make sure that it is the right choice for your business.

There are lots of differences between RetailEdge and other POS Software. If you need additional information about a specific POS software you are looking at or using call us and we can give you specific information about what RetailEdge has or can do that they can't. But primarily, it comes down to:

RetailEdge is flexible enough to work for hundreds of different types of businesses.
Will it work for yours?
Every business is a little different so try the demo, get your list of questions together (or visa versa) and make sure it has the features and functions you need.

Not unless you need it. RetailEdge is packed with what we feel are core Retail POS features, like inventory management, order tracking, purchase orders, customer loyalty and discounting, etc.
You can simply purchase RetailEdge for $495, get your 1-hour of free training, your 90 days of free support and be done.

We do have additional optional support plans, update plans and training sessions available if you feel you need it for your business.
For some people it makes sense for others it does not.
But we feel very strongly that this should be your business decision and not a requirement.
Many of our customers are on a plan, some are not.
It's up to you.

Yes. RetailEdge Island. RetailEdge Island can work on any Windows tablet or laptop and will allow you to take your business home, to market, on the road, trade shows or wherever you need to be. A RetailEdge Island has its own local data and synchronizes with the main store's data every couple of minutes and so you can be disconnected (like an island) from the main data and continue to use every RetailEdge feature as if you were in the store.
RetailEdge Island allows your mission critical POS software to run your business when the internet or network is down or, as is more often the case, slow.

The short answer is if you are unhappy for any reason with your purchase, you can return the unused item up to 30 days from the date of purchase. However, with hardware there will be a restocking fee of up to 25% of the cost of the item and the hardware needs to be in resalable condition.

The longer answer can be found here.