New Update: 8.2.67 Release Notes

Published October 13, 2020

This release includes several changes and fixes to the Shopify integration, improves performance of Worldpay triPOS and Global Genius integration, and adds new discount functionality.

New Features

1. Better error checking when creating gift cards to prevent users from entering characters at the beginning of the gift card numbers.
2. Added better error checking when users have exceeded maximum number of retries when there is a version mismatch.
3. Enhanced retry loop with Global Genius integration to prevent failures and duplicate charges with businesses that have intermittent internet issues.
4. Added the ability to have fractional discount percent discount rules.

Bug Fixes

1. Addressed access violation when importing Shopify VAT Sales.
2. Addressed Token Request timeout value in triPOS integration
3. Addressed DBISAM Engine Error when attempting to populate the mapping table with Shopify product updates.
4. Addressed security action that allowed clerks to change sales tax on touch sales screen.
5. Fixed slowness in posting sales with triPOS integration.
6. Quickbooks Online export for completed layaways/open orders, gift card sales and redemptions no longer creates unnecessary balancing adjustments.
7. RetailEdge now properly allows cancelling an open order from the Customer Manager.
8. Open Orders now properly post the sales tax values when reposting the order from the touch sales screen.
9. Customer export now properly filters on Phone(B).
10. Touch sales screen layaway payment now properly updates total paid and still due amounts when making a payment.
11. Inventory Manager combo search for items with aliases now properly display correct quantities in the Find form.
12. Addressed JSON format with API.
13. Voided Sales Report when using rounding feature no longer freezes when gathering totals.
14. Streamlined the Cost Greater than price error message for multi-location businesses.
15. Fixed issue with Price Plus discount rule.