Work Remotely with RetailEdge Island

As social distancing continues to be ever-increasingly important due to the coronavirus, we have had many customers come to us and ask us how they can work on their RetailEdge data without having to be in their store. We have a solution that will allow owners, managers, bookkeepers, etc. the ability to work remotely and synchronize their data together.

RetailEdge Island gives you access to your data remotely and will let you work even if your internet connection is slow or down. The Island synchronizes with the main POS at the store every few minutes using our RECON Cloud servers when there is an internet connection. With RECON Cloud, your data will always be backed up and protected.

During these difficult times, we understand the concern and uncertainty our retailers are facing. We know you may not have the cash on hand to invest in essentially a new POS workstation, so that’s why we are making it easy for you. For $40/month, you can add a RetailEdge Island to your home laptop or other Windows device with absolutely no setup fees or long term contract or commitment. And each additional Island after the first one is just $15/month. You will get the benefit of our RECON Cloud services that fully backs up and synchronizes your data between Islands and the main store so you will never have to worry about losing your store’s important data. Island and RECON Cloud require your main license to be up to date and on at least a Silver level plan.

When things have settled down and retailers go back to business as usual, you can discontinue its use. Or you can keep it and use your Island as a second register, a mobile “line-buster”, a mobile POS workstation for farmers markets/trade shows, a warehouse workstation for inventory- the possibilities are endless.

If you need to integrate your Island with QuickBooks, Shopify, or any other third party we work with, we can help set that up too. If you’re interested in getting a RetailEdge Island set up for your home office or wherever you may be, just give us a call or email. We are here to assist you.